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At The Quit Smoking Academy we teach people like you to help and empower others to quit smoking

David Wynn

I am the the director of the Quit
Smoking Academy and I welcome
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Our Mission

The mission of the Quit Smoking Academy is to teach you the skills necessary to enable you to become a professional Quit Smoking Coach. The demand is huge, people everywhere are seeking help to quit this deadly habit. There is no shortage of customers.  As a trained Quit Smoking Coach you will help supply that demand and empower your clients towards  a much better health and economy. Our mission is to provide you with a professional and complete turn key business.

As a fully trained quit smoking coach  you may choose to offer your services from your  home or the office, either part time or full time. The sessions can be given in person or online.

If you would like a new and lucrative career really helping people then this is the opportunity for you. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your clients regain their health and economy whilst at the same time providing you with a generous income.  Look no further and learn to become a professional Quit Smoking Coach now.

For further information use the below button or call (34) 666 444 360.

What will I learn ?


The training consists of a 5 days online training course.

  • The supply of a training manual and a session manual.
  • Access to training videos covering all aspects of training (videos)
  • Ability to resit training free, on any future training courses.
  • Access to a private consultants face book group page.
  • Full suite of administrative tools such as consultants landing page, client forms, update and follow up forms.
  • How to market your business.
  • Online examinations
  • Course certificate.
  • Once you have joined the team and started the training, you will get access to the private Licensed Quit Smoking Coach group on Facebook. Here you can ask any questions concerning every aspect of being a quit smoking coach

1.   Full preparation for session

2.   Client pre talk -Discuss questionnaire 

3.   Red button

4.   Mind-map – (How the mind works)

5.   Hope & try (Power of words)

6.   The wall (Power of Imagination)

7    The swimmer (Believing)

8.   Lemon (Metaphysical)

9.   Metal ring

10. Balloon and book

11. V.A.K.

12. Power of Imagination





13. Weeping willow (The Swan)

14. Induction from weeping willow

15. Deepener

16. Guided meditation script

17. Inner child

18. Direct drive (Affirmations)

19. Weight (optional)

20. Peace button – (Anchor)

21. Water – (Post session trigger)

22. Future pacing

23. Emerge

24. The captain (Relationship & communication between minds)




What Experience do I need?

You do not require previous experience as full training will be given. This opportunity is perfect for someone starting out in business as it is for an existing professional. As a Quit Smoking Coach you will be supported at all times and become part of a group whose ideals are founded on excellence.

Can I add the quit smoking consultancy to my existing business?

Absolutely yes, if you are in business then by becoming a qualified Quit Smoking Coach you can offer a valuable sevice to your existing and new clients by helping them to quit smoking, resulting in  better heath and important savings for your clients.


What does the academy training consist of:   


A fully accredited 5 day training programme  by the I.P.H.M. and CMA external certifying bodies delivered in person or online.


  • The supply of a training manual and a session manual. 
  •  The supply of client session presentation and aids.

  • Access to instructional videos covering all aspects of training.

  • Ability to resit training at any time without cost.

  • Access to the private quit smoking coach face book group.

  • Your personal Quit Smoking Coach web page for client promotion and interaction.

  • Full suite of administrative tools such as client forms, feedback and follow up forms.

  • Pre session info pack for your clients.

  • Post session client info pack including exclusive quit smoking reinforcement audio.

  • Post session client videos

  • How to market your business.

  • Exclusive affiliate programme

  • Online examinations

  • Course certificate.











The director, David Wynn is a Certified Instructor and Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (N.G.H.). He is also a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P), advanced EFT, Mind Mediation and Content Free Direct Therapy with certifications from around the globe.

David also brings into your training a life time of business experience and this forms an integral part of the Quit Smoking Academy (Q.S.A.) course syllabus

Training is given in person or online in English and Spanish.

For further information Use this link or call (34) 666 444 360

What impact will I make in the life of my client?

Take a look at the list below and appreciate the benefits?……… 

• On average, the life expectancy of a smoker is 10 years less than a nonsmoker. 

• Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, 70 of which are known to cause cancer. 

• For every person who dies from a smoking-related disease, 20 more people suffer from a smoking-related illness. 

• Smoking and tobacco use causes more than 5 million deaths per year worldwide. 

Current trends show that this will increase to more than 8 million deaths annually by 2030. 

• Smoking is responsible for about 1 in 5 deaths annually in the United States. causes about 480,000 deaths per year—and 41,000 of those deaths are because of exposure to secondhand smoke).

Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and lung diseases (including emphysema, bronchitis and chronic airway obstruction).

• Smokers typically inhale about 1 milligram (mg) of nicotine in a single cigarette. For some, that’s all it takes to become addicted. 

Apart from the overwhelming evidence of the terrible consequences to health with smoking, your clients will also obtain huge financial savings when quitting the habit


What do our students think about the Quit Smoking Academy Course

The cost?

The cost to become a Quit Smoking Academy Coach is less than the fee you will charge for 2 – 3  clients. Our basic price for 5 days of training, all materials, web page and complete suite of administrative tools is only 695€.  Facilities are available on application. Training can be attended intensively in person or on line. We also arrange weekend training courses and efforts are made where possible for online training during mornings or late evening. The whole syllabus is repeated and also recorded and you are very welcome to attend or sit in any future training free of charge. For more information use this link or call (34) 666 444 360.

Are you a smoker?

This page is for the training of Quit Smoking Coaches. However if you are a smoker and arrived here looking for help then dont worry, click the button below. You will be taken to the company quit smoking page where you can download your free pre-session information pack. The pack will help you prepare yourself for quitting smoking with everything you need to know about your tobacco habit. Discover how we work and find useful tips and actions that you can take before, during and after your quit smoking session. Click below, take back control of your life. 

How your mind works and the correct mindset needed to quit smoking 

The below video is a detailed guide (24 mins) to help you understand how the Quit Smoking Academy system of operation works and the importance of the subconscious mind.

Simply complete our questionnaire and we will get back to you. Dont delay further, become a  Quit Smoking Coach now!